Friday, March 9, 2012

Almost Ready to Hit the Road Again.

I am over and past with the lost wallet issues. I am moving on with my life again.

My bags are repacked and I am almost ready to go back to finish my ride. There is a small window of good weather coming up before another rain system is forecast to hit the central coast. I would like to get through before the system hits because riding a bike in wet weather is just too dangerous.

My health is still terrible but since it does not appear to improve with rest or treatment I am just going to go ahead and take off despite my high pain issues. While I ride the bike the pain is not such a big issue. It is when I get off the bike and try to walk that the pain starts to skyrocket and take away my mobility.

I am very broke for the next three weeks but will try to survive on what little cash I have remaining. There is not much to spend money on once past Carmel until you get down around San Simeon. It is mostly just riding and then camping at night. I will carry some food but will have to buy quite a bit of food as I go since I can't carry enough. Food will be my highest expense.

I will take pics as I go and try to post when I am able to. There is certainly some beautiful coastline along that stretch of California. The last time I was down in this area was about 40 years ago. People tell me not a lot has changed in that time.

Thanks for all the moral support I have received from everyone. I do appreciate it as it helps me keep pushing day to day in my fight with this pain...

More when I am able to post again which might be a while.