Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Narooma to Cobargo Australia

I was a bit chilly in my tent last night as it went down to -4C. I need to rethink my warmth methods. My sleeping bag is not rated that low so my feet got chilly just before sunrise. I guess I need to buy some warm socks.

I left the campground early with all my clothes washed. My tent was still wet as I packed it up but it will dry quickly later in the sun. I ate breakfast at the bakery in Narooma and enjoyed chatting with the woman that served me. She was very interested in my bike ride and pumped me with all the usual questions. Her coffee was good too.

The ride today was a bit harder than yesterday was. The hills were higher and some a bit steeper. The longest one was about a half hour spin to the top. At the top there was a car waiting to talk to me. A young couple that stopped to watch me climb the grade were stunned that I rode all the way up the hill without stopping and that I was not breathing heavy or looking tired at the top. They too gave me the usual list of questions which I happily answered. After all it was a good rest for me while we talked. They finally drove off when I told them I had to start riding again or my muscles might lock up on me in the cold temps.

I came upon a small town that I liked called Cobargo and tried to find a place to camp but there was none in town so I checked into the hotel for $60 for the night. I had intended to ride to Bega another 25 miles down the road but after eating lunch, I liked this little burg so I stopped. It wasn’t because I was dog tired from all the hills today, well maybe that had something to do with my liking the town and stopping. I also want to point out that there were about a dozen dead roos along the side of the road today all of them very stinky.

Ulladulla to Narooma Australia

I enjoyed my respite in Ulladulla while I waited for the rain to let up. The hostel owners were very nice people and ran a good clean place. I had it to myself for two out of the four nights I was there.

I finally left on a bright sunny early morning from the hostel. No rain in the forecast for 4 or 5 days but cold temps just below freezing are forecast.

The ride was rolling hills all day long. I rode about 65 miles to get to Narooma so about half of that was spinning uphill after hill after hill. There was no flat road all day. The hills are all between 4 and 6 percent grades so it was a workout. Reminded me of West Texas a little bit only it wasn’t 110 degrees it was 32 degrees.

I took a scenic drive turnoff not knowing what to expect. So far in Australia every scenic drive I have taken has been more or less a scam to get cars to drive through and hopefully stop at some of the smaller towns to give them some business with nothing scenic about the detour. But I am glad I took this one. It led me to a short bike trail that ran right along a beautiful coastline for 7 kilometers. I enjoyed the trail and the scenic views.

The trail led me right to a campground in Narooma where I pitched my tent for the night. Sure enjoyed the shower there.