Sunday, May 31, 2015

Rain and Headwind Delay

I expected to ride south today but after a night of rain I woke up to more cold rain and high winds out of the south. Needless to say I bailed on the plans to ride this morning. I went over to the cafe across the street and had breakfast and coffee instead. It may be a good thing that the weather delayed me because I had another bad night of pain last night. Maybe one more day of rest will help me get past this little health problem.

I enjoyed talking with the locals at the cafe. They are all very friendly in these small Aussie towns. At one point while we were talking the rain turned into snow flurries and then into sleet. They all looked at me like I was crazy as that was coming down and asked me what I would do if I was caught out in weather like this. I pointed out that I have been caught out in way worse weather like up on Mount Cook in New Zealand or on Big Sur in California both places where I got caught in freezing sleet and high wind with much colder temps than what the city of Eden has. I have my wet weather gear and a tent to hole up in if need be. My bags are all watertight also so I am prepared. I am also not opposed to stopping and asking for shelter at a farm or where ever I happen to be near. But being prepared for bad weather is different from leaving in bad, cold, wet weather. I will not intentionally ride in this crapola if I am able to avoid it.

More later...

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Day off in Eden

I took today, Sunday, off from riding. I stayed at the pub again and went on a bay cruise. I enjoyed the slow paced cruise around the beautiful bay here in Eden. We saw dolphins, penguins, seals and lots of birds, fish and a couple giant rays. The scenery was great all the way around the bay with secluded beaches, rocky points and covered with forest since most of the area is a national park. I learned the history of the whaling here and how the town started etc along with all the wildlife.

I am having a few health issues the last week. I hope I can continue my riding. I am taking it easier than I usually ride in the hopes that the rest will improve my failing body. If the ride comes to an end so be it. I have about 400 miles left to get to Melbourne and then I planned on going to Tasmania for a ride. After Tassie I am planning on riding to Adelaide and flying from there to Perth to ride the West coast for a month. Those plans could change if I do not improve soon. Time will tell. I will update if things get better or worse. For now I plan on ignoring the issue in the hopes that it will disappear.

A few pics.. The first pic is clams that were very tasty, there is a giant ray in the second pic, some seals rafting and some penguins swimming on the surface in a pic, the things floating that look like mines are mussel farm floats, the crane is a huge wood chip facility, and the rest are self evident.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Merimbula to Eden Australia

I went for a short ride this morning before I left the hostel in Merimbula. Then I rode south after I took a couple more pics in Merimbula. The ride south was all hills, big hills. I had no problem spinning up them but I was sweating pretty hard when I arrived in Eden. I only rode about 40K today.

I checked into the Great Southern Hotel, a pub/hotel for $40 a night and then after a shower and doing laundry, I took off to explore the town. The town is all big hills. Everywhere you want to go involves climbing up big hills and of course coasting back down. I got a workout today. I did enjoy the scenery though and had a good time doing it. Met lots of nice people today. I may stay another night. a few pics

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Bega to Merimbula Australia

I spent two nights at the hostel in Bega recovering from a stomach problem. I hit the road early with frost on the ground and fog in the air. I warmed up quickly with all the hills I had to climb. The ride was planned to go to at least Eden but when I saw this nice little town I stopped to spend the day exploring the area. I can go to Eden tomorrow. The weather was sunny by mid morning when I arrived here to Merimbula so I rode my bike all around the city especially along the nice coastline. Rain forecast for tonight so I am staying at the hostel tonight. I took a few pics. Here they are...