Saturday, May 30, 2015

Day off in Eden

I took today, Sunday, off from riding. I stayed at the pub again and went on a bay cruise. I enjoyed the slow paced cruise around the beautiful bay here in Eden. We saw dolphins, penguins, seals and lots of birds, fish and a couple giant rays. The scenery was great all the way around the bay with secluded beaches, rocky points and covered with forest since most of the area is a national park. I learned the history of the whaling here and how the town started etc along with all the wildlife.

I am having a few health issues the last week. I hope I can continue my riding. I am taking it easier than I usually ride in the hopes that the rest will improve my failing body. If the ride comes to an end so be it. I have about 400 miles left to get to Melbourne and then I planned on going to Tasmania for a ride. After Tassie I am planning on riding to Adelaide and flying from there to Perth to ride the West coast for a month. Those plans could change if I do not improve soon. Time will tell. I will update if things get better or worse. For now I plan on ignoring the issue in the hopes that it will disappear.

A few pics.. The first pic is clams that were very tasty, there is a giant ray in the second pic, some seals rafting and some penguins swimming on the surface in a pic, the things floating that look like mines are mussel farm floats, the crane is a huge wood chip facility, and the rest are self evident.

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