Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ride Day 90

I rode from Umatilla Or to Waitsburg Washington today, 85 miles and 3000' of climbing. The morning started out at 38 degrees so I waited until it was in the 40's to leave Umatilla. The ride was a breeze. Mostly flat with long slow grades that rarely required low gears. I made good time to Walla Walla and had intended to stay there. However, I could not find a place to stay for under 81 bucks. The city has no camping anywhere within 20 miles and no cheap hotels that I could find. The tourist info center treated me like I was dirt cause they thought I was a homeless bum. Well just because I don't have a current home and I am bumming around the country does not make me a homeless bum. I do not mean to put down homeless people here since I am only about five minutes away from being there myself. So I left Walla Walla and hit the road again. I rode the 20+ miles to Waitsburg and I am glad I did. I stopped at a brewery to ask about camping and I ended up chatting it up with some nice people and had a couple brews in the process. They told me I could camp in the city park despite signs says that it was illegal because there was no police to enforce the rules. They told me the city puts up lots of scary signs but that they mean nothing because it is like pulling teeth to get a police response to anything. So here I am camping illegally with no apparent threat of arrest. Feels kind of later.