Friday, August 30, 2013

Everything must come to an End

I just shipped my bike back to San Francisco. That means my ride is officially over. I came up about 800 miles short of making a complete loop around the country. That loop is mostly dense urban riding that does not really interest me very much. It is also very expensive to ride in that area from Maine down to Virginia. Hotels are almost all over $100, even ones that would be considered one star elsewhere. Campgrounds are also too expensive along the East coast. The least expensive ones are over $30 and most of them are closer to $50. One campground wanted $61 plus tax for a primitive tent site. WTF??? I much prefer the West coast for riding where there are hiker biker camps about every 40 miles or so. I can easily keep my costs to $30 a day in the West but along the East coast it costs more than twice that per day. I did enjoy my tours around the state of Maine. It is a very beautiful state. The moose were entertaining. The roads were not always very bike friendly with little or no shoulders but the traffic played nicely for me. I am kind of upset that the ride is over now. The really weird thing is that now my body hurts all over. I did not ever feel this bad while I was riding even after my hardest days of riding. I am not sure why I hurt so much now after three or four days of not riding. I would have thought that I would feel better after ending the ride not worse. My joints are all stiff and sore. I am getting lots of cramps and I have had three seizures in the last week. Yesterday I had a pretty hard longer lasting seizure that is the reason why I hurt so much today. I had to immediately check into the nearest hotel after it hit me. I soaked in a hot tub and rested in bed while trying to stretch a little bit to loosen up my tight muscles. I did not use any narcotics just Tylenol for inflammation. I spent my time packing my smaller items to ship them home so that I can travel light on the airline. After mailing all that stuff back I toured around Portland all day today. No pics for some reason. I just did not feel like taking any. I guess I am a little depressed over the end of my ride. I am looking forward to seeing my friends and family again when I get home tomorrow. I miss the dogs and cats too. They are always happy to see me return. I will post a couple more updates as I wind down after this beautiful ride but then this blog is over. I will continue to blog about life in general at my old blog: That blog has been about my travels over the last 45 years and I plan on continuing to travel even if only around town. I end with some pics from Baaahaabaaa on a grey wet day. More later.