Friday, March 30, 2012

Ride Day 13

I packed up to leave my hotel this morning and I got screwed by the hotel. They charged a $20 key and remote deposit. I told them I was leaving at 6AM and they assured me I would get my deposit back at that hour. Well along with several other people, I waited and waited until 7:30 before I gave up on getting my $20 back. Those assholes knew I had to leave so they just did not come out of their apartment to help me so that they could keep the deposit. They were in there the entire time. The hotel is called The Welcome Inn on Washington street in University Heights San Diego. Please do not use this hotel.

I hit the road pissed off but quickly got over it. When there is nothing to do about something it is best to get over it so I did. I rode down the hill to pick up my route. Then there were hills and more hills all with long slow grades that were easy early but quickly became a problem for me. I wasn't even at the mountain yet and I was extremely tired. I had breakfast when I got to Santee and rested for a bit.

It has been all uphill since I left Santee this morning. I have made it to 2500' so far but still have 2000' to the top. Not sure I will make it today. Those little hills in San Diego took away my energy and they must have added up to a lot of climbing for me. They might have only been 300 or 400 foot climbs but there were a lot of them. It was foggy for most of the day so far but now the sun is out and it is hot. I am sweating like a pig. Texas is looking worse by the day if it is this hard for me to ride already. If I continue today I will try to take some pics, if I have the energy. More later

Ride Day 12

I left Oceanside as usual at the crack of dawn. After riding in the drizzling rain for an hour I stopped at a coffee shop and posted yesterday's blog. Breakfast was a bagel sandwich and coffee. I hit the road and it was still wet but I kept going. My energy level is low today. I almost feel like I am getting sick. It could also be the two century rides took something out of me and I haven't recovered from them yet. Us old men heal a bit slower. I might have to increase my rest days in the future. I pushed on but had to stop several times to rest.

I hit the big hill just before San Diego and could not make it to the top today. I had to stop three times to rest. Not good. I made it to the top just as the rain let up. Took off my rain gear and put it in my bag. Big Mistake. When I got to my hotel in San Diego I found a big puddle of water in my bag from the raingear. Lots of my stuff got wet that I wanted to keep dry. The good thing is, it lightened my load without a choice from me, maybe a good thing. Had to spread all my stuff out in my hotel room to dry and threw a lot away.

The hills in San Diego killed my already tired legs. They might only be 300 to 400 feet but there are a lot of them. I felt like I was always going up hill. My body is rebelling from all the hills and tomorrow I have well over 5000' to climb.

Big carnitas burrito for dinner then straight to bed. This tired old man needs some rest. Not much for pics due to the rain today.