Thursday, May 7, 2015

Back in Wellington

Yesterday I took the bus from Nelson on the South Island to Picton where I caught the Interisland ferry over to Wellington. The weather varied about every 10 or 15 minutes from rain to bright sunshine and every shade of grey in between. I met a bunch of fun Kiwis on the ferry and we talked all the way to Wellington. We saw dolphins as we left Queen Charlotte sound and turned toward Wellington. I always love seeing them no matter how many times it happens.

Once back in Wellington it was a grey very windy day and it was late so I checked into the Downtown hostel then went out for a couple pints. I had a good time at the pub. They all remembered my name from 6 weeks ago but my porous brain could not remember one of theirs. I need to get my brain replaced soon.

Today I need to make all my bookings for the next five days before I leave for Australia. I have three buses to book and five nights for beds. Once in Sydney I already have the first four nights booked and paid for. I will also need to get my bike boxed up and to the airport. I have that booked at a bike shop near the airport.

I was riding a bus but here are a few blurry pics from that and a few from the ferry ride too.