Friday, May 1, 2015

Fox Glacier to Greymouth then on to Christchurch

We spent a night at Fox Glacier and then the next morning we left for Greymouth. The drive took longer than we expected but we made it to Greymouth at sunset. We all stayed t Noah's Ark hostel and in the morning early we went out to Pancake Rocks then turned around and headed over Aurther's Pass to Christchurch. Not a lot to say about all the riding in a car for days for eight hours or more. I would rather ride my bike. I am more tired from the riding in the car than I am from riding my bike for eight hours. Go figure. I still enjoyed myself. More pics...

Queenstown to Fox Glacier

I spent three days in Queenstown just reading and relaxing while the girls went off to Milford Sound area. My body liked that. I ate a Fergburger which is the most popular burger place in New Zealand. People line up for hours to eat a burger there. Many people have tried to get the owner to franchise the operation but he steadfastly refuses even the highest offers of big cash deals. I like people like that. I also read a bunch of junk crime or suspense books and talked to the kids at the hostel for entertainment.

We finally left Queenstown and drove to Fox Glacier. There was lots of beautiful scenery with snow capped mountains, lots of rainbows and a few small showers during the day. It was a long drive because we took so many photo op stops to take pics of all the colors bursting from the trees and all the other things that caught our eyes.

I am going an entire week without riding my bike. I am jonesing for a ride but I have a couple more days before I ride again. We get back to Christchurch on May 1 and then I will leave on Monday morning weather permitting that is.

I only have 13 more days to ride back up to Auckland. If the weather is wet I will just take a bus. Then on the 14th of May I fly to Australia. Here are a few pics from the drive.