Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ride Day 11

I packed up and headed South. My butt is not so sore today and I only have 30-35 miles to go today so I got a late start for me. I got a bit confused on the road to follow but by asking people along the way I figured it out. My maps could use more detail because my phone too often does not have enough signal to get me maps.

The ride to Camp Pendleton, once I figured out the road, was an easy ride. I got hassled at the gate. I guess they don't like single male bikers. They told me I had to take the bus so I waited for the bus and took the bus. The bus was almost hit head on by a large strange truck pushing what would otherwise be a trailer. We missed the collision but I feel like I would have been safer on my bike.

The bus driver was very talkative and fun to talk to. He gave me lots of history for the camp and told me they frequently don't let bikers ride if they are having things going on and that for the last few days they have been strict even with him. The only thing that irritated me was that there were bikers we passed on the bus that had been allowed through. Such is life.

I made it to Oceanside feeling fresh and strong but I have business here to finish or I would ride on to San Diego. Jeff's mom said I could spend the night here so I am going to take care of stuff, do laundry and rest up my butt so that tomorrow I can ride to San Diego for a day before I turn East for Florida. More later.

I met up with Jean, Jeff's mom and we sat around talking for a few hours. I had a good time with her. She wanted to ride with me to San Diego but I just did not want to commit to any arrangements so I told her I ride alone. I really should have ridden with her and still might call her before I leave for San Diego.

Sorry I did not even think to take a pic today and while on base I was not allowed to take pics. Maybe I will post some pics of Oceanside later on.