Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ride Day 59

I struggled this morning with what route to take. I had some issues with the ACA route and I wanted to go through Savanah. In the end I chose to go for it without using a bike map and just took off in the direction of Savanah. I am just outside of town for the night tonight and tomorrow if the weather and things play nicely I will ride through Savanah then hook back up with the ACA route north of Savanah. I want to return to Savanah because the last time I was there I ignored all the architecture and the parks and the history. I would really like to spend about a week there but I can not afford to be in the big city that long so it is not an option for me. I will have to be content to just ride around and look at things and maybe take a pic or two. The ride today was very boring. The road was almost a straight line all day with no change in the scenery. It was longleaf pine trees and swamps with almost no breaks in the trees lining the road. The road itself was fairly good for riding with a narrow shoulder but very little traffic. Then after I past Jesup the road got worse as far as traffic and the shoulder sometimes vanished. I only took two pics today one of the road and one of some flowers in the swamp which I will need to post later. I was mostly just in a riding zone and not site seeing at all because there was really nothing to see but the trees. I ended up stopping in Hinesville because my legs suddenly started to cramp up. The heat in the nineties and humidity over 90% combined with me pushing myself maybe a bit to hard are the likely reason for the cramps. They were so bad that I ended up just checking into a hotel that just happened to be right where I had to stop riding. I tried just resting in an air conditioned McDonalds next to the hotel while I played on the net but the cramps just kept getting worse so I hobbled over to the hotel and checked in. After a hot soak in the tub and a lot of water and gatoraide I do feel better now. I was not dehydrated because I was drinking a lot of various things. I just hope that tomorrow I do not have the same problems. I can not afford to be staying in hotels like this. Such is the life of a wandering biker.