Saturday, March 24, 2012

Easy Saturday

Today I took the day off from riding my bike to rest up. I did ride about twenty miles first thing this morning to go get coffee at the Padre Hotel but I did that with no weight on my bike so it was a breeze to go that far round trip. It actually felt good for my legs. The rest of the day I have just dried out my stuf and repacked but mostly just rested quietly all day.

I repaired a few things around the house for Peggy and we watched some movies on TV. She made pasta for dinner and now we are going to watch some more TV. I don't mind watching a bit of TV like this but in general I just don't like to sit and do nothing.

I am contemplating skipping San Diego entirely now. If I cut across the Mohave Desert I might be able to get through the Texas deserts before it is too hot. Those few extra days going to San Diego just might put me in the hotbox in Texas. I will weight the idea tonight and tomorrow but most likely will not decide until I jump on my bike when this storm blows over. It is predicted to end Monday morning around 6AM But I need to leave around that time to make it to the Antelope Valley in one day. I might need to wait until Tuesday to leave. The time constraints are starting to irritate me.

More later...