Monday, April 2, 2012

Ride Day 16

I rested up and waited out the rain yesterday. I also pigged out on food. I can eat as many calories as I can stuff in since I am burning so many off. I still have a negative caloric gain.

I met five other riders last night at the campground. Three of them are riding the whole way to Florida and two were going up through the Grand Canyon and the Rockies. I considered riding with them but I am just too independent to ride with others. I need my freedom to stop and take pics or to push my pace or slow it down. I enjoyed talking with them they were a great bunch of fun nice people, my ride would be more entertaining riding along with them.

I left around 7AM and rode down grade for a few miles then uphill for a gain of 900'. The rest did me good as I was able to handle the hills with ease again today. I totally enjoyed my ride down the mountain. Early in the morning there was a strong headwind but it let up after about an hour. The ride through In-ko-pah gorge was on the freeway I-8 and was awesome views for the entire descent. I posted pics on my Picasaweb site if you want to see them.

I am currently at Starbucks in El Centro. I have riden about 65 miles so far today with about 1500' of climbing and a lot of flat and down hill so it has been a good day of riding. I am going to try to make it to Brawley this afternoon which is another 15 or 20 miles. The road is mostly flat but has some climbing. I will be tired tonight. More later.