Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ride Day 19

I left Quartsite early today. My ride started out on the interstate 10. I climbed about 1000' but it was a slow climb and I had very little trouble with it. After a dozen miles on the nice smooth interstate I switched to US60. The ride was nice scenery wise but the road was a bit rough. The scenery went back and forth from high to low to arid deserts with rough rocky mountains. I took more pics today which are all on

Today's ride was about 75 miles with about 2000' of climbing. I did it without a problem and considered going another 31 miles but then did the math and decided that my tired old body did not need another century ride. I am holding up quite well physically. Other than my slight loss of power and cramps from Oceanside to Live Oak Springs I have felt pretty strong for an old man.

I again was thinking about the pioneers today as I walked out into the desert a few times and got stuck by spines, worried about snakes and scorpions and just tried to picture the first people trying to push through this dry, rough, tough terrain. I was again impressed by what they had to do to get through this area.

Today I saw coyotes, California quail, jackrabbits and a road runner. The roadrunner ran right up to my bike just like one did back in Bakersfield last year. The jack rabbit displayed why they are the main food source by not running away from me but rather posing for a pic. I still have not come across any snakes other than a single baby gopher snake just outside of Live Oak Springs. I did enjoy seeing the various cacti. Everything is blooming as I go through because of recent rains. There are lots of wild flowers but I can only take so many of the same types of flowers.

I am camping here in Aguila next to the Coyote Bar. Tomorrow off to Phoenix...

Ride Day 18

I did my usual early morning start out of Palo Verde today. The ride started out going through farming for the first few hours. I never heard the name of the valley I was riding through but it was the next one East of the Imperial Valley.

The scenery slowly changed after I left Blythe and Erenberg. It started looking dry and rugged as I climbed about 1100'. }I enjoy watching the various desert areas go from low desert to high desert and vice versa. I did not take many pics today. I guess I am getting used to this type of look and I can't take a hundred pics of the same things. I always look for something unusual or eye catching. I also tend to take pics when I am tired and need a rest. I think I do that to make it look like I am not an old man that is too tired to continue but rather like an artist taking a picture. I doubt if anyone is fooled though.

I rode until Quartsite which was kind of a short day of riding for me. Quartsite used to be a big center for dealing in gems and jewelry. Like everywhere else it has lost a lot of shine on its star. The town was kind of empty looking. I talked to some locals and they blamed everything from Obama to too many police for ruining the local economy. I enjoyed listening to their rants. I can be evil getting them started talking and then just sitting back listening while they go off. The town is not alone in being on the skids. I reassured them of that after they finished their rants.

I camped out at the Super 8 Hotel after talking to the owner in town. He was very nice and wanted to support my ride. I slept well despite the noise from the freeway. I enjoyed finally leaving California and entering Arizona. Tomorrow off to Aguila.