Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ride Day 18

I did my usual early morning start out of Palo Verde today. The ride started out going through farming for the first few hours. I never heard the name of the valley I was riding through but it was the next one East of the Imperial Valley.

The scenery slowly changed after I left Blythe and Erenberg. It started looking dry and rugged as I climbed about 1100'. }I enjoy watching the various desert areas go from low desert to high desert and vice versa. I did not take many pics today. I guess I am getting used to this type of look and I can't take a hundred pics of the same things. I always look for something unusual or eye catching. I also tend to take pics when I am tired and need a rest. I think I do that to make it look like I am not an old man that is too tired to continue but rather like an artist taking a picture. I doubt if anyone is fooled though.

I rode until Quartsite which was kind of a short day of riding for me. Quartsite used to be a big center for dealing in gems and jewelry. Like everywhere else it has lost a lot of shine on its star. The town was kind of empty looking. I talked to some locals and they blamed everything from Obama to too many police for ruining the local economy. I enjoyed listening to their rants. I can be evil getting them started talking and then just sitting back listening while they go off. The town is not alone in being on the skids. I reassured them of that after they finished their rants.

I camped out at the Super 8 Hotel after talking to the owner in town. He was very nice and wanted to support my ride. I slept well despite the noise from the freeway. I enjoyed finally leaving California and entering Arizona. Tomorrow off to Aguila.

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