Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Ferry Ride Grope

I have not mentioned this incident yet but on the ferry between the islands I was groped so hard that afterwards I had my first cigarette in 44 years. I was standing along the rail watching the scenery roll by when a woman walking on the deck behind me "claims" to have tripped and as she flew forward and down the only thing in front of her were my ass cheeks. She grabbed my ass cheeks one in each hand and her thumbs went right up in the crack so to speak as she squeeeeezed for all she was worth. She did not hit the deck so my ass saved hers but her face turned bright red as she hung her head and went over to her husband and buried her face in his shoulder. I just borrowed a cigarette and went back to watching the view.

Hanging out in Dunedin

Today I took a long ride around town here in Dunedin. I enjoyed the slow pace I took. Stopped frequently to look at things and explore. Not much interesting here that I found. I still want to go to the museums that are said to be good here and the Chinese Garden.

I will check out some of the pubs over the next couple days. Today I stopped at an Irish bar and had a few pints. The bar keep was from Ireland but there were not many people there in the middle of the day. The beers were good. I had MOAs today and both types were good bitter hoppy beers which is what I like.

I went to the store and stocked up on more food. Pesto ravioli for lunch today which was good. Lots of fresh veggies for later meals and I still have Mexican ingredients to make a couple more meals. I really prefer making my own food to eating NZ style fast food which is devoid of veggies, is high fat fried or fat soaked meat pies and kind of tasteless food. You won’t see a lot of international New Zealand style restaurants around the world.