Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ride Day 73

I road from Leggett to Garberville today which was a very short ride of about 28 miles but it had some grade to it so it was not a piece of cake.  I was planning on going all the way to Weott but when I arrived in Garberville my knee was all swollen up and hurting a bit.  I was a bit worried about making it worse by continuing to ride on it so I stopped in Garberville and did some internet catching up at a place called Treats.  I enjoyed talking to the owner of the ice cream store, she was helpful. 

While there playing with my computer, Karen called me up and told me she wanted to drive up to meet up with me.  That was a convenient excuse to stop riding for the day so that is what I did.  I popped 800mg of ibuprofen to see if the swelling might go down and sat down to wait for Karen.  After finishing with my wifi junk, I rode my bike around town to get a feel for the layout of Garberville and went to get my haircut at a local barbershop.  Deborah had a shop just off the main strip so she gave me my buzz cut.  I enjoyed chatting with her while I got buzzed.   

The swelling was quickly going away on my knee.  I do not know why it puffed all up on me but I did ride 70 miles and climbed 6700 feet in the previous two days so maybe I just over worked my tired old body.  I do hope this was a one time thing cause I just do not need any more problems with my tired old body. 

We checked into the Best Western in Garberville when Karen got here.  It was good to see her again so we hung out at the hotel for the most part but we did go out for a sandwich later.  I am not too impressed with the Best Western beds though.  They use a heavy duvet cover and a sheet set on the beds and the heavy blanket made me sweat but the sheet alone was not enough to keep me warm.  There was no in between choice so I slept poorly.  I think I slept better in my tent lately than I did last night in the fancy hotel.

Karen wants to spend the day at Weott so that is what we will do.  We just ate breakfast here at the hotel and are packing up the truck and the bike to hit the road and do some local exploring.  My knee is still stiff this morning but it is not swollen so hopefully it will be nice to me.  More later.

Ride Day 72 by jimfrogs at Garmin Connect - Details

Ride Day 72 by jimfrogs at Garmin Connect - Details

The time, speed, distance etc are all wrong for this ride because the big redwoods were blocking the gps sigs for most of the ride but the map and elevations look right to me so I shared it.