Friday, June 29, 2012

Day of Rest in Calabash

I decided to take some time off after cramping up so bad yesterday. I spent the day slowly riding from Calabash to Sunset beach and back to Calabash. I enjoyed my time at Sunset Beach. I started out with a good cup of coffee at Java coffee shop and then rode across the big bridge to the ocean beach. There I walked out on the fishing pier and talked to some of the anglers about what they catch and so on. There were a lot of people fishing and it was a beautiful day. After the pier I rode my bike down the hard packed sand on the beach to Bird Island. I did not see many birds there but there were a few jaybirds skinny dipping on the beach. I did not stay very long and rode back to Sunset Beach. I tried to get some pics of the shore birds but I was not very successful at it. When I had my fill of sun and beach I rode back to Calabash and had lunch at a buffet style all you can eat. I got my money's worth and then had a couple of cold beers at the local bar where I had my drinks last night. I talked to the owner of the bar for a while and had some beer then I had to go back to my campsite and take a nap. I actually slept for about an hour which is extremely rare for me to nap. I was hungry again so I went into town and had some ice cream and brownie at the local creamery. Then I had a couple more beers before I went out looking for dinner. I ended up eating pizza at Tony's Pizza in Calabash. That was it for me I had to go back and take a shower and crash for the night. Tomorrow I am also taking the day off. Enjoy life.