Friday, May 11, 2012

Large Thundershower Delay

The weather forecast is for three or four days of heavy thundershowers over the entire south eastern states. I can't ride in that kind of weather so I am going to hunker down right here in Vancleave Mississippi until this big system blows over. I can camp here cheaply and I enjoy the company of the other campers and staff here so it will be ok. My body can clearly use the rest as well. After the day off a couple days ago I was very sore when I got back on my bike. I think I need a longer rest to let my body heal better. One day of rest does not heal the body. I also have to apologize to my readers for the lack of paragraphs in my posts. Google just reformatted the Blogspot software and ever since I can not put in paragraphs. I did complain to them but they ignore complaints. I do not understand the way all the software companies constantly "improve" their software because from my point of view and from many if not most people that I talk to about this, the improvements are anything but an improvement. Why fix something that is not broken? Just leave a good thing alone. I am looking in to other blog software now like wordpress to see if I will move my blog. I most likely will move it once I learn how to do it. Screw google and their improvements. I am almost all the way across the country now. I have ridden over 3200 miles. I was not sure that this disabled old man would be able to make it across the country but now it looks like I will. That both surprises me and pleases me. I lost about thirty pounds doing it despite eating constantly. It is a good thing that I lost some weight and I hope it stays off. I have much more energy being a bit lighter in weight. When I get to St Augustine and rest up for a month I will find out just how much weight will stay off or go back on. I am off to the beach now to sit around and soak up some more cancer rays I mean sunshine. I hope there are no more water moccasins around today. Enjoy life while you still are able to...more later