Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ride day 4 & 5

Title is misleading since I did not ride today other than around town. It is raining and blowing out so I took the day off from riding south.

I rode down the hill to the pier and hung out watching all the people for a while. The crowd was enjoying the sunny weekend before the rain hit. I ate a bowl of clam chowder in a loaf of hollowed out sourdough bread. I always like that combo. Then I went over to the aquarium. I had a hard time at the aquarium because it was a lot of walking and I really can not walk. It is a bitch losing mobility. I can ride the bike without problems but the minute I start walking my pain shoots up. I particularly liked the big tanks at the aquarium. I miss diving now when I see these sorts of things again. It is hard to dive when you are subject to having seizures. I ended up just sitting and watching the people walk by so I missed a lot of the aquarium but I enjoyed what I did see.

I went to the art museum next and it was small so not much walking was involved. I needed to pack in some calories so I had dinner at a sandwich shop in Monterey. I ate a big pastrami and swiss with grilled onions and a side of fries with a malted milkshake to wash it all down. I also stocked up on food for my ride down the coast since there are very few services on the road.

Last night it rained hard and was blowing and sprinkling this morning. I don't like the wind or the freezing cold rain. It seems the wind is always in your face when you are riding a bike and rain this cold can end up as hypothermia very quickly out exposed to the elements. Tonight it is supposed to blow hard then get down to 32 degrees. So in the morning I will get a late start waiting for the frost to go away. I don't want to have a slip from ice on the road. Coons were fighting outside my tent last night. They woke me up with all their loud growls and hissing during their fight or whatever they were doing...

I had a bad night with pain from my walking yesterday. I resorted to narcotics which I do not like to do. This morning my leg and my back still hurts but I am hoping it is better by tomorrow morning when I plan on riding to Big Sur. If the pain is not down then I may have to stay here another night. I will find out in the morning. Meanwhile I will rest up and enjoy Monterey but with no walking today...

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