Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day off

I woke up too sore to ride this morning. My leg is black and blue behind my left knee and I can't put any pressure on the pedal with it so I may not be riding for a few days. I will take it a day at a time. I think I tore something when I had my seizure yesterday or maybe when I fell off the bike I hit my knee with the bike. I don't know for sure. At least Big Lagoon State Park is a beautiful place to be. There are tons of birds around the park and the fishing seems good too as I see all the anglers are catching stuff. I saw porpoises and a whale shark in the estuary this morning. The whale shark surprised me. Some people saw a manatee yesterday but I have been unable to find it. I will try again tomorrow morning to see if I am able to ride. I will do a short ride if I am able to. I made it this far across the country and I WILL make it the rest of the way. I will post pics of the park later...

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