Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Resting in St Johns

Well I finished my coast to coast section three days ago now. I am staying with my cousin in St Johns for a while to rest up before I head north again in about a month. There has been a tropical storm named Beryl causing rain and wind since I arrived here. That has forced me into staying around the house. I still feel a bit stiff and sore in my legs. My left leg where I tore some tissue during a seizure over a week ago is still pretty sore as well. I am trying to massage it and stretch it to help it heal. I just hope it doesn't just add more chronic pain to my current high chronic pain level. Only time will tell me. I am continuing to have a huge appetite. Everyday I have eaten six meals. I am doing my best to eat healthy. Breakfast is usually fresh fruit with yogurt and granola or oatmeal and fruit. Then every two or three hours I have been eating hamburgers, burritos, sandwiches, enchiladas, vegies or some other meals. I just can't seem to eat enough no matter how much I eat. I am not gaining weight so I guess my body needs the fuel to repair itself. I will need to pare it down if I start sitting around too long here during my rest period. My plans are still vague but I do want to ride up to Virginia yet and see Wendy. I would love to go fishing with her up there. After that I might just return to Florida or maybe I will ride across on the Bicentennial bike trail as far as the Mississippi River then go up to Wisconsin for a short visit. I will decide later probably on the spur of the moment. I have been reflecting a lot on my ride so far. It is quite satisfying to know that I was able to complete the coast to coast section. I did it fairly fast at 46 days to cross from San Diego to St Augustine. Yesterday I read Gary's journal of the same ride and enjoyed reading about the same places from another persons viewpoint. He is also heading north up the east coast so I will follow his journal so I will be better prepared for my ride north. I will post some of my thoughts about my ride in the next few days. Until later then...


  1. Totally impressive, my friend! I'll try to call in the next few days while you're healing and hope that I get you between meals! LOL

  2. Greetings Jim! Good to hear you are well. I was unaware how much pain you might have been in, however. Good ride today up to Callahan, but it WAS very hot and humid. I'll be up early tomorrow to try to beat the heat to Nahunta where a CGOAB journalist mentioned the hotel there. I don't know the cost, but it looks to be the only game there. Camping in Yulee looked dubious and I still had gumption when there and no interest in sitting out in the heat and damp. Thirty yards past, I began to wonder. The Royal Inn seems OK though there's a strange metallic aroma in the room that I have been able to get used to. At $48 with A/C it's heaven. -Gary