Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ride Day 42

I started my day off slowly today. I repacked all my clean clothes and things in a nice organized way before I loaded my bags on my bike and left the hotel. I went straight to the coffee shop across the road and had my morning cup with a couple of sausage rolls. I took my time with the coffee and rolls then slowly got on my bike and meandered down the road in an Easternly direction. The road I needed to ride to the state line had no shoulders at all and was heavily traveled by cars and logging trucks. All the cars and trucks were very considerate of my bike so I had no issues even thought there was no room for me to ride safely. I stopped at every little store and gas station between my start today and my finish in DeRidder Louisiana. I only did about 50 miles or so today and that I took very slowly and easily. I just did not have the drive today to push myself. I stopped at the state line and took pics of Texas in my rear view mirror and of the Welcome to Louisiana sign. There was a snake on the side of the road. At first I thought it was a coral snake but saw it was a king snake it was red on black not red on yellow which kills a fellow. I had some pleasant conversations with people in the stores and stations I stopped at. Everyone was very friendly. I stopped at a Dairy Queen in DeRidder and a couple of guys came over to my table and we talked for about a half hour about the economy of the area and about the weird way logging trucks full of logs go in both directions here. There are two mills and they use different trees for their products so trees are hauled in both directions. They make lumber at one and plywood at the other then there is a chip producer also. I enjoyed talking to them. I do not get into my own version of politics but I love listening to these people tell me theirs. I still was sweating heavily today despite the slow pace. I was sweating so hard I got swimmers ear now. I hope I don’t need to go to a doctor for it in a couple of days. When he or she asks me where I was swimming I would have to say in my own sweat. I did like the showers here at the RV park when I arrived. I am all cleaned up now and am going to relax for the rest of the day. I am even thinking about taking tomorrow off or at least another very easy day. I find when I take time off my legs get worse than if I just keep riding every day. Also when I first start out riding after a rest, my legs start out with a burning weak sense in my muscles. After about 5 or 10 minutes the feeling goes away and I can then pedal all day without a problem. I don’t know why this happens but I would like to talk to other riders or athletes about this weakness at the start of my day. After I catch up on my wifi I am going to wander around town for a bit. Might even eat some cajun food for lunch/dinner. Some blackened catfish and crawfish sound good to me right now. I am not used to stopping my ride so early like this. I need to learn to slow my pace down so I can fit in with the locals better. I just went into town to see the museum and look around town a bit. I found a church dinner for all you can eat catfish and crawfish with all the sides for only $7.75. I pigged out to say the least. More later…PURAVIDA

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