Monday, June 25, 2012

Ride Day 62

My ride today from Givhans State Park to Andrews South Carolina was kind of boring. The road was lined with trees almost all day which kept me in the shade and a bit cooler but with nothing to focus my attention on I could have fallen asleep at the handlebars. I am real tired of Longleaf pine trees by now. That is the tree that has lined most of the roads since Alabama. They block all views of everything and it is like riding in a tunnel sometimes. At least the oaks when they are lining the roads will sometimes make a canopy that looks good with all the spanish moss hanging off them. There were only a few small towns along the route. Most of them had no services at all. I did stop at all the open stores along the way. It was Sunday so most things were closed as they have been throughout the South. I stopped sometimes just to talk to people in the stores because I was so bored. I obviously did not take much for pics today. It was also a short ride of only 65 miles of flat roads. I stopped in Andrews South Carolina because big black clouds were building in the sky and the next town with services like a hotel were over fifty miles further down the road. I needed the rest anyway. After a nice long soak in a hot tub I tried to stretch my legs out. I tried different ways of stretching but I am so stiff that I had a hard time stretching. I am going to have to figure out a way to loosen up because I am getting stiffer the longer I ride. I hope I don't just lock up when I eventually stop riding. I must also point out that it isn't me that does not make paragraphs as needed but rather Blogspot removes all my paragraphs and runs it all together for some stupid reason. I have complained to them but since there is no dialogue nothing has been done to fix the issue. My hotel is just a cheap crappy one but there is a TV to keep up on the severe weather that is in the area. I might be here for a couple of days or more before it drys out enough to hit the road again. After almost 4600 miles of riding my bike I could use the rest. Maybe I can even loosen up a bit before I am out of this little burg. From here I head to the beach and ride the Ocean Highway going North. The forecast is for high heat and high humidity left over from tropical storm Debby that is hitting Florida right now. More later....

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