Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Resting in Umatilla OR

I took a needed day off today since the weather was bad with rain and wind. I ate as many calories as I could to try to catch up to my calorie burn. My weight is going down quickly on this ride. I started out with oatmeal and a banana then had a large banana nut muffin and coffee. A little later I had a bowl of cream of broccoli soup with Texas toast and a candy bar. Then I ate a couple slices of pizza, some great chili poppers and a meatball sub sandwich followed by a carnitas super burrito about an hour afterward. I will also eat more later including an apple, orange and banana with whatever I find for dinner. I am still hungry. There were a few pb&j sandwiches thrown in there too as well as a few cookies and a bag of cheetos. My other goal was to relax so in between meals I took a long soak in a hot bath. The bath was great and I think I will do that again in a while. I am sweat free for a bit. I am so used to being covered in sweat that I forget that some people are offended by it. I do not worry about offending shallow people like that though. There is a cafe next door called Jumpin Java where I have been getting my coffee fix filled and have been chatting with the owners and workers. They told me how bored they are living and working here in Umatilla but they all agreed that they are happy here which was good to hear. The cafe was busy so they are doing something right. The other goal I had was to go out to McNary Dam and watch the salmon going over the ladder in their viewing room. I Rode out there in the light rain and wind which was not too bad since the bike was not loaded down. At the dam I went to the visitor center and looked over their displays which were the same old life cycle of a salmon before I went directly to the viewing room. Disappointment set in when I saw all the kids running around. Every time a salmon came near a window they all ran over and both blocked the view and scared the fish away. I have seen it all before so I wasn't as disappointed as I sound. I actually enjoyed watching the excitement of the kids seeing the fish. I saw about a hundred fish go by with a half dozen of them being nice big slugs. Pics were next to impossible with the kids running in front of me all the time but I caught a few glimpses of fish as they raced by. Tomorrow it is on to Walla Walla I hope. That is if the weather lets up a little. My money is running low due to the hotels I have had to use because of the weather conditions but such is life. I will find a way to get by.

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