Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ride Day 77

Today I rode from Crescent City CA to Gold Beach Oregon 57 miles and 3000' of climbing. I was delayed in the morning because of pea soup thick fog that came right down to the ground. I waited until almost 10 am before I took off with the fog just barely off the ground. I enjoyed my stay with Laura and Hans in Crescent City, But the road beckons to me. The fog blocked about 90% of the beautiful scenery but I still saw plenty of nice views along the way. I took a few pics but the pics are getting old to me cause after all they are mostly just big rocks in the ocean, big deal right? I still enjoy looking at the sights though. I try to find other interesting things but today I was lagging just a bit from drinking beer and whiskey with my hosts last night. The booze cuts into my power and endurance the next day. I still managed to make it up a couple good grades one about 500' and the other about 800' by just spinning away. I did stop in Fort Dick for a snack at the market on Morehead Road where I sucked down a big breakfast burrito. Oops that sounds kind of pornographic I was told but actually it is all innocent actual names and places and I did have the burrito so what can I do if it is a bit suggestive when it is all put together. I rode almost the entire way after Fort Dick on highway 101. There wasn't much point in taking the Adventure Cycling route along the coast and stuff when the fog was so thick blocking the views. 101 along this stretch was good wide shoulders with smooth clean blacktop and very little traffic today so it was not a bad ride at all. When the fog did finally lift a bit more so that I could actually see things I stopped and took a few pics but otherwise I just rode hard all day. I was beat when I got to Gold Beach and I checked into Turtle Rock RV Park right away and then went across the street to the bar and grill to get a cheeseburger and fried to fill me up. I may go back there after I post this blog cause it looked like a decent friendly bar to hang in for an hour or two. The ladies that checked me in were quizzing me hard about my ride and things but I am getting used to that by now and take it in stride. There is rain predicted tonight also but if it comes down too hard I will just sleep in the rest room where it is clean and dry here in the park unlike some of the ones I have been to. Either way I should be hitting the road heading north in the morning unless the fog is thick again or if it is raining. More later

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