Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ride Day 81 part two

I rode about 46 miles today from Washburne State Park to Beverly Beach State Park with only a couple thousand feet of climbing. I left early as usual and piled on the miles quickly. The day of rest did give me more energy. There was not much to take a pic of today or else I am already jaded by the beauty of the coastline. I safely crossed two long scary bridges without getting killed. The road was in pretty good condition and the weather was cool with a light fog in the air. Perfect riding weather with only a light 5-10 mph headwind. I actually had a stretch of almost 10 miles that was almost flat today. I have not seen that in quite a few miles maybe weeks ago. The coastline does have lots of rolling hills all along it from San Diego to Seattle. I did see some elk on the road and in the brush along the side of the road. I tried to take a pic but the second you point a camera at them they disappear. Elk have been doing this to me many times in the past. If you just stand there and look they will ignore you but the second you point anything in their general direction boom! they disappear so fast. I guess that helps them survive so I won't fault them. I did stop and talk to a couple riding their bikes to San Diego over a two month time span. They had just come from riding in Thailand and Malaysia and we talked about how that was. I will check out his blog later today. Otherwise not much happening today so more later...

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