Monday, May 13, 2013

Ride Day 82

Today I rode from Beverly Beach State Park to Neskowin, Oregon, 42 miles and about 3000' of climbing. My Garmin was 5 or 6 miles short because I forgot to start the timer this morning but such is life. The ride was not exactly pleasant. It was foggy and a light mist was in the air after a night of rain. There were puddles on the road and every time a big truck or a fast car went by I got a spray bath. I was sweating like a pig from all the elevation gain right off the bat so the water did not bother me. There was not much to see because fog blanketed all the views and things so I took very few pics. Here and there the fog would lighten up and I could see a little bit but I still left the camera in my pocket for the most part. I was questioning my sanity and motives as I rode along today. Last night I did not get sleep because of the cold and rain causing my pain to flare up pretty high. I took some anti-inflammatories for the pain but it still did not allow me to sleep. So I started the day off without a lot of energy. I did fill up on food last night. I ate 1.2 pounds of hamburger with four buns and a half bottle of bbq sauce along with about three cups of broccoli followed by a giant danish that I bought in Yachats at the cafe I stopped at. Then I ate a big breakfast sandwich this morning with a huge milk choc turtle. None of it helped my energy level. I was wavering in my determination and my legs were weak on the big grades. I used the negative thoughts and failing body as my challenge and driving force and made myself take all the big grades without stopping or resting at all just to push myself and my limits. That drive I get from not accepting my body's wrath helps keep me going during the ride and long after in everything I do in life. On the longest grade of almost 800' I just spun my way all the way up and when I went over the crest I felt good about myself. That was until the freezing cold downpour started coming down with lightning. I was sweating heavily from the big grade and my clothes were soaked from rain and sweat so when the cold air and cold rain hit me I cooled down too quickly and started to shiver and was in danger of hypothermia so I saw a hotel and pulled in to get a room where I could warm up and dry my stuff out a bit. The owner wanted $62 for the room but I said I only could afford $40 so she gave it to me for that which was nice of her. I have my wet things scattered all over the room trying to get them dry. It is probably all for naught because there is 30-50% chances of rain everyday for the next week. I expect to get wet. I am hoping I sleep here in the hotel tonight so that tomorrow I can climb over a couple more big grades. I have three left on the way to Astoria which is less than a hundred miles away now. When I went though Depoe Bay the fisherman said that the fishing for pacific halibut was better than usual for this time of year and that yesterday one about a hundred pounds was brought in. The salmon fishing they said has been slow but large fish according to them. The ocean has been rough for the most part but for the last few days they have been getting out but not going far from the safety of the harbor. More later...

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