Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ride Day 83

Today I rode from Neskowin to Garibaldi 56 miles and 2500' of climbing in beautiful cool dry partly sunny conditions. Quite the change from yesterday's misery of cold and wet fog. There was an 800' and a 500' climb. My legs did not do so well today for some reason, maybe my poor breakfast choice which was a candy bar and a cookie with coffee. I need to make myself eat some good carbs and protein in the mornings but it is not always easy out in the boonies to get the right food and I can't carry everything on my bike. I survived with just some burning in the legs on the grades and a bit short winded. I had to stop once on the 800' climb to "pee" but really it was just to take a break and catch my breath while my heart caught up. I really love seeing the ospreys, eagles, herons, sea lions, snakes, seals, birds of every sort and all the beautiful scenery along the way. There were quite a few bald eagles today. I have not been able to get a pic of any eagles yet cause they are just too high and far away for my little pocket camera. I did meet a girl today that was fun to talk to. She was doing about a 60 mile day ride with no gear and came up behind me to talk about her ride down the coast from Seattle to Sf a couple years ago. We talked about riding for a while and why we both love it. She was very enthusiastic and I enjoyed talking to her. Maybe we will meet up on the road again somewhere someday. I also talked to my friend Terry and was going to meet with him this afternoon but he is delayed with problems with his boat so he won't be here until tomorrow now. I will take the day off and eat eat eat then meet up with him when he gets here. We knew each other down in Costa Rica for a long time. My campground tonight is a county campground and is almost empty. Maybe the weather forecast has something to do with that. There is a lot of rain in the forecast so I hope they are wrong as usual. Rain, especially the cold driving rain like yesterday costs me too much money in hotels and laundry as well as increases my already huge appetite. Tonight for dinner I had, pint of ice cream, lots of broccoli, 3 bratwurst with buns, soup, bread, an apple, orange and banana, and then had a candy bar and cookie after. I will eat again before I go to bed cause I ate all that at 4pm. I am burning 4000-7000 calories a day and it is almost impossible to eat that many so my weight is going down too fast on me. I might have to ride less days a week or less miles a day or find a way to just eat more. Whatever I end up doing I hope I don't get too skinny. more later

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