Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ride Day 86

Today's ride was from St Helens to Portland Oregon 30 miles and 700' of climbing in light rain. I packed up my campsite early this morning and hit the road but it started to rain in less than a mile so I pulled into a McD to use the wifi and check the weather reports. The storm was predicted to be past by 10 AM so I waited it out chatting with the local seniors hanging out at McDs. I enjoyed the people. I also met a friendly woman at the laundromat last night so my impression of St Helens is quite good as a quiet friendly helpful town. I enjoyed my short stay there. At 10 sharp it cleared up and I crossed my fingers and got back in the saddle. The ride was easy with a cool temp and very light sprinkles to keep me from heating up. There was not much to see or talk about but I took a couple pics of the road and some bridges. I stopped in Portland and will look for a hotel when I am done with this short update. There are more showers starting right now but they are predicted to stop by morning so maybe tomorrow I will get a good ride in. I am sorry that the clouds blocked some of the views I could have had of the mountains around here. I passed a few viewpoints where they can be seen on a clear day but today was anything but a clear day. Maybe next time.

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