Monday, May 20, 2013

Ride Day 88

I rode from Hood River Oregon to West Roosevelt Washington 82 miles and about 3000' of climbing in hot sunny weather with very light winds. The Gorge is known for howling headwinds tailwinds and sidewinder winds but I had no problems today. The rock formations and cliffs were very entertaining to watch evolve as I rode along and at The Dalles there was a clear demarcation of Pacific Coast to semi arid western climate and plant life with the big trees disappearing and turning to tumbleweed and stuff. I started on the I-84 then rode on the old highway for a while but got tired of it and went back on the freeway until I got to Biggs. At Biggs I crossed the Columbia River which was no fun because there was no shoulder and big rigs were going in both directions. It was way too tight for me. I got off my bike and hugged the rail with my bike. Did not like it at all. Then I rode on highway 14 the rest of the way. After a hot long climb right after the bridge 14 became rolling hills with long slow grades that had me sweating up a storm in the heat. At West Roosevelt I stopped at a cafe and pigged out while talking to the very nice owners. I caught up on my wifi work while I was there too. I did not expect to find wifi until Tuesday night or Wednesday. I still have a little way to ride to get to my campsite at the park just down the road where I plan on taking a nice long shower putting on clean clothes and getting some rest in. The only problem I had today was all the cottonwood fluff in the air. I think I coughed up enough to fill a king sized pillow. My nose was sore and my throat was sore from coughing it all out. Life can be tough on the road but I love it.

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