Sunday, May 26, 2013

Ride Day 91

Today I rode from Waitsburg Washington to a campground just a few miles before Clarkston Oregon, 65 miles and almost 4000’ of climbing in perfect bike riding weather. In the morning when I woke up from my camp in Waitsburg City Park it was only 36 degrees so I went to the store and had a coffee and roll while I waited a bit for it to at least break the 40 degree mark. My stay in Waitsburg was very pleasant. I first ended up staying there after the bartender at the brewery suggested that I camp in the City Park instead of going to the State Park 7 miles up the road. I ended up doing just that and polished off a few pints while pondering the decision. When I had my camp set up I wandered around town and had a quick beer at the Anchor Bar then I pretty much just went straight to my tent and went to sleep. I took the next day off of riding because it was the driving day for everybody heading somewhere for Memorial Day. On my day off, I went into town to the Bakery/Café 2 Beans For You and started chatting with the patrons and the owners. One of the owners, Bruce invited me to his house for a shower. OK so I was covered in sweat from a long hard day in the saddle. I took him up on his offer and got cleaned up and shaved. We had some pleasant conversation and he shared a nice bottle of mead with me. He showed me around his nice big house that they are restoring. It was built in the Green and Green style and was a showpiece in its day. They are trying to restore its old glory and are well into the project. Then after I did some needed banking because I have overspent my budget by a couple hundred bucks and I had to come up with some cash. That done, I went back to the brewery to thank the bartender for the good advice and told her about my nice day in town. While there a guy riding his motorcycle around to warm up for his ride to Alaska later on and I started talking about our riding plans and stuff. We had an entertaining time comparing notes and telling stories. He plans to meet up with me again somewhere in Montana in the next couple of weeks. I then went to JimGerman’s bar restaurant to meet up with the Café owners again. I had one more beverage and we talked and nibbled on some good food before I had to call it a night and get some sleep for my ride in the morning. I did enjoy the company. The ride itself was kind of drab in comparison to the spectacular scenery I have been riding through but I enjoyed the change. It was rolling hills covered in fields of bright green wheat and soy beans with a few cattle and horses or wine grapes here and there. It was an easy day of pedaling but I still climbed almost 4000’ in the 65 miles. I had a nice lunch at Pomeroy then climbed the last 500’ hill and was rewarded with a five mile plunge downhill and another 10 miles or so of more flatish downhill easy riding to the campground. I dried all my stuff and now I am going to bed. Tomorrow I enter Idaho and there is about 6500’ of climbing in the 65 miles I plan to ride. More later…

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