Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ride Day 95

Today I rode from Colgate Licks campground in Idaho to Lolo Hot Springs in Montana going over Lolo Pass at 5235' and the continental divide. The ride was a lot of climbing but it went easily because the grade was not too steep. I rode it alone as my friend Mark left earlier than I did because he wanted to ride al the way into Missoula but I did not want to get to Missoula until Friday so I took it easy. I had two breakfasts at Lochsa Lodge before going over the grade with two other riders I have been running into a lot since we are going the same direction. We had a good time together. Although we rode separately over the grade we met up at Lolo Hot Springs and shared a campsite and hung out in the hot pools together. The weather here has been scattered showers that have not been real heavy so they are ok to ride in. I am taking the day easy again tomorrow so that I don't arrive in Missoula until Friday. More later...

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