Saturday, June 8, 2013

Ride Day 102

Today was just a short hop from Kirkwood to West Yellowstone of 22 miles and 500' of climbing in cool sunny weather. The ride was quick and easy with signs all along it to look out for bison but I did not see any today. I will see them in the park later and today they would have been a pain because I can't just bike through a herd of bison like people in cars can. When I got to the park I got myself a pass and a bunch of reading material from the visitor center and am spending the day reading it all and resting before hitting the lower loop of the park tomorrow. Each loop is about 65 miles so I can only do one loop a day and today I got too late of a start to go for it. I will do laundry and other things like museums today. The weather if perfect and the kids have not arrived here yet so my park visit should be good. a few pics...

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