Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ride Day 111

Today I rode from the Longbranch Saloon to Forsyth Montana 82 miles and 2800’ of climbing in a light headwind that still slowed me way down even though it was a just light breeze. My biggest problem today was that there were tons of dead dear along the road stinking it up big time. The dead dear started appearing yesterday in big numbers but this morning there were just too many. I needed a breathing device or something to keep me from gagging on all the carnage. There were a lot of long slow rollers for hills that I did not expect to see. The hills combined with the headwind made the day very tiring. Then there were thundershowers hanging in the sky all day too. I timed it perfectly with just some dumb luck when the skies opened up I was just pulling into a café for another breakfast. It poured outside while I ate. I had a great hashbrowns, eggs, bacon and toast with coffee at the café while I waited for the cell to blow over. The rest of the day there was a light rain falling that did not even get me wet but there were threatening black clouds overhead all day long. When I finally arrived at Forsyth for the night I put my tent up at the Wagon Wheel Campground then went exploring around town. I stopped at a café and had a chicken dinner while I chatted with the owners. They helped me find the tire I need for my bike by calling around up the road for me. She arranged for me to call and meet a bike shop owner that is normally closed on Sunday but he is going to come down to the shop when I call him to help me with the tire. They were all very nice friendly helpful people. Then she told me about some murals that were in town that are painted by a guy using a crowbar. I went to check out the murals and I ran into the artist himself, Bob Watts and took a pic of him in front of one of his murals. He was also very nice and friendly. He was telling me his style and how he arrived at it when the skies decided to tell me it was time to make a quick dash back to the campground or get soaked. So now I am sitting at the campground charging my electronics and catching up with all my other stuff. The wifi just went out though so pics might have to wait until later…

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