Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ride Day 112

Today I rode from Forsyth to Miles City Montana 51 miles and under 2000' of climbing on a bright sunny morning. I had planned on only stopping in Miles City to pick up a new tire but I just decided that my body could use a rest so I checked into an RV park, did my laundry and sitting around the pool for a while. I have logged a lot of miles in the last month and I still plan on logging a lot more in the next week crossing North Dakota. I am thinking about maybe stopping for a couple of days at Teddy Roosevelt Park in Western ND but more than likely I won't. Last time I was there I enjoyed my visit so if you ever get the chance check the place out. I did stop at the bike store to pick up a tire that they told me they have but when I got there they said they only had 700x28 and 700x35 and I use 700x32. So I wasted my time riding all the way to the bike shop. My tires got chewed up riding around Yellowstone because the roads were covered with finely crushed gravel that had sharp edges. All the roads there were thick with it. My tires have always lasted about 5000 miles and these both were done by 2700 miles. I do not have a spare so I am going to try to make it to Bismark ND where I should be able to find a tire. I should have picked up an extra one when I was in Missoula. I didn't bother with pics this morning since I was just cruising along the interstate and it looked similar to the last couple of days. At least there were fewer dead deer along the road today so I wasn't getting stunk out again. Enjoy life...

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