Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ride Day 116

Today I rode from Bismark to Jamestown North Dakota 100 miles 1700' of climbing. The ride was all on interstate 94 and the first 30 miles out of Bismark just about killed me. There were expansion joints about every ten feet that were anywhere from half an inch to an inch and a half and they pounded my butt into a pulp. I am sure I will be black and blue from it in the morning. I hope I can ride tomorrow to get out of North Dakota. I can barely sit down right now I am so sore. I am going to go find a campsite and take a shower then sit in my tent naked to try to cool my sore butt down and help it heal by morning. I think I finally am on the great plains because most of today was flat with only a few long slow grades up and down. I did have a side wind that was usually just to my back but sometimes just to the front of me. I was able to make good time when it was behind me. Not much to look at again today just a bunch of farm land with corn, wheat and hay types crops with a few herds of cattle or dairy cows here and there. The corn will have to grow fast to be knee high by the fourth of July like it is supposed to be cause it is only a few inches right now. There were a lot of temporary lakes around so they must have been getting a lot of rain around here but today was hot and sunny. I only took a couple of pics all day and they were nothing special.

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