Monday, June 3, 2013

Ride days 96 97 and 98

My rides for days 96 and 97 were just short connector rides to keep my Garmin map complete. They were really days off as far as I am concerned. But today was day 98 and I rode from Missoula to Hamilton Montana 48 miles and only a few hundred feet of hills. The weather was light showers rolling through so I took a couple of breaks at the casino Hay Loft in Lolo Montana to wait out a couple of heavier showers. I had a cheeseburger while I waited. I had no problems riding cause I just paced myself with an easy slow pace only intending to go about 50 miles when I left Missoula because I got a late start. There was a bike path for most of the way today that was right next to the highway. The only advantage the path gave was that there was no broken glass or any shredded tires on it to blow my tires. Otherwise the roadway had a good shoulder for most of the way making the path a bit redundant. They need to make the paths in places where they are needed, that are dangerous or something. My time off in Missoula was very good for me. I ate and ate and ate. Then I ate some more. I am concerned about the amount of weight I have lost already so I will probably start having shorter rides and more rest days to let my body catch up to my calorie burn. I do not want to weigh in at 120 pounds at the end of this ride. Jeff and Shalene were great hosts. Shalene took me to a Clay Studios woodfired kiln firing that was entertaining for me. There were lots of nice people there and the kiln was huge. They burned 8 cords of wood in it over a weeks time to fire almost 3000 pieces of clay art. There must have been about 50 clay artists there from all over the area. Watching them stoke the fire and the obvious excitement all the artists had was also good to see. I took a few pics but they aren't that great. I also went to Adventure Cycling Association to visit and buy some more maps. I hung out there for a couple of hours looking at their pics and reading some of their materials. The rest of the time in Missoula I pretty much hung out at coffee shops and breweries. There are five breweries in Missoula and I was going to hit them all but I only made it to three of them. I did notice while sitting in the coffee shops watching the people walk by that there was a lot more females than males on the streets and I mean a lot more. I talked to a few of them and they all complained that there aren't enough men around in Missoula. I felt real sorry for them so maybe I will move here some day just to try to help out a bit. more later...

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