Monday, July 8, 2013

Ride Day 119

Today I went from Sauk Centre to Buffalo Minnesota about 85 miles with very little climbing needed in hot humid weather. I had planned on riding all the way to the Twin Cities today but I started to melt from the heat at about 70 miles. Then I started to think about the logistics of arriving in a large city exhausted and close to heat stroke so I decided to stop short of my goal and I checked into a hotel in Buffalo about 20 miles west of the Twin Cities area. I was beat when I entered my room so after a long shower I just crawled up on the bed and did nothing for a while with the air conditioner on full blast. When I started to get chilly I got up and went looking for some Mexican food. Did not have to go far to find a place where I gobbled a carnitas burrito dinner and had a quick beer. After yesterdays three pints at the Palmer Hotel in Sauk Centre I just wanted one beer. The three pints may have contributed to my sluggish feelings today by dehydrating me just a bit. The Palmer Hotel was featured on one of the TV shows that go out investigating claims of supernatural events like ghosts. There was memorabilia all over the hotel lobby from the show and about the haunting events experiences by guests. I did notice that money was missing from my wallet when I left so maybe it really is haunted. My bike path ended just short of St Cloud so I had to plan my route into the Twin Cities. I asked a couple of cops that were around and they went into great details about the various ways to get there by bike. They ended up helping me choose the route I wanted to do and we settled on the directions to do that. It only involved two turns go left on 75 and that turns into 7 then turn left when you get to 55. I like easy directions like that. I looked it up on Google and there were like 200 turns and directions listed which is just confusing. Google needs to fix that problem. Their computer will take turns that zig zag all over the place just to save a few feet off the route. some people may like that but I prefer simple instructions like my two turn ones. Sure I may go an extra couple of miles over a 100 mile ride but such is life at least I am not spending all my time trying to follow complicated instructions. I took very few pics today because I was just not interested in the repetitive scenery like I have had for the last several days. There were some murals and I did crack up when I saw a barn with flower boxes hanging under its windows. Tomorrow's forecast has thundershowers developing by mid day so I am not sure how far I will get before I need to take shelter since the storms are once again forecast as severe. But this is a weather forecast so it is likely wrong. We shall see...

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