Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ride Day 123

I left Mirror Lake very early after a quick breakfast of PB&J on tortillas. The ride to Madison was 61 miles over a rollercoaster road. I was able to ride a bike path for almost a third of that. I ate my second breakfast in Baraboo only 15 miles into the ride but I did not eat as much as I usually do. There was a light headwind that increased as the day went on and by the time I arrived in Madison it was blowing fairly hard slowing me way down. About 10 mles before Madison I suddenly got low blood sugar. I felt ravenously hungry, I was trembling and I was very weak all of a sudden. I think the extra work to pedal into the wind after so many century rides in a row just wore me out. I stopped my bike and immediately ate jelly out of the jar followed by peanut butter right out of the jar. I washed it all down with water and sat down to rest for 10 minutes. My strength returned and I stopped shaking so I guess I just ran out of gas so to speak. It was about 8 miles before I came to any place to buy food and it was a gas station. I guzzled a chocolate milk and ate a big chocolate chip cookie with a large coffee. I rested another 10 minutes and I felt fine again. I have to be more careful to make sure I eat enough. This came on so suddenly I could get in trouble quickly. I also need to carry more food with me for this type of problem. Lesson learned. Once in Madison I bought a map of the bike paths and headed into town. My friend Bob called me at this point and invited me over for breakfast. Sure why not eat more. After breakfast I went looking for a tire but have not found one yet. I may just order it online. I did eat a brat down on State Street and went to the farmer's market to eat a few things then had a chocolate malt on the way back. I struggled to get my banking done and after a bunch of hassles managed to get it squared away. Now the next thing is I need to find a bike shop to service my bike for me. But I am beat now. Going to rest for a while. More later...

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