Monday, July 15, 2013

Ride Day 124

Today I had an easy 50 mile ride from Madison to Janesville WI in hot humid weather. I started from Madison on the bike paths and then paid my 4 bucks to ride the path toward Janesville but after riding on the bug infested path for a while I changed my mind and decided I would rather ride on the highway with cars and trucks than on a nice bike path that was infested with millions of bugs. I was just breathing too many of the suckers in and if I slowed down or stopped the mosquitoes immediately attacked in droves. Once I bailed on the paths the roads were bug free but sunny and hot. I did not use a planned route because I had planned on riding the bike trail. I just turned here and there on whatever road seemed to be leading in the direction I wanted to go. I got to Janesville doing it that way with no problems. There were lots of nice flowers along the road and the crops have quickly grown a lot taller over the last week. Some corn was already 6 to 7 feet tall now. I enjoyed my stay in Madison wandering around town. Bob and Iris were great hosts while I was there. The art on the square show was good plus I ate like a piglet at it. Madison had some good free music the night before but I did not go to the show. Madison is a hopping town with tons of things to do. Looks like I am going to stay in Janesville for a while and drive up to Castle Rock lake for the weekend. I will hit the road next week it looks like. Going to try to not ride at all for a couple of days. Some pics...

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