Monday, July 29, 2013

Ride Day 127

After a hard weekend of fishing up around the Apostle Islands in Lake Superior with my brothers and friends I returned to riding today with my swollen sore knee. I still made it 90 miles and climbed 2400' with all the rolling hills through dairy farms, corn, soybeans and nature preserves in perfect bike riding weather. I left the Sunset Motel in Portage early and rode a fairly busy highway 33 to Waupun then took a bike trail called Wild Goose to Fond du lac. Once I left the bike trail I used my Garmin to direct me to Manitowoc. I rode about five miles following its directions and all of a sudden I saw the same intersection that I started using the GPS at. I was a bit pissed off about that Garmin fart. I turned it off and used my paper map to get through Fond du lac. I looked for a hotel or campground but everything was full due to the big air show this week. I was disappointed but rode on in the direction of Manitowoc. When I saw Fox Lake I thought there might be a campground but no so I stopped and asked a young lady with a bunch of kids if there was a campground around. She was doing daycare and the kids liked talking to me so we ended up taking pics of the kids and me on my bike. I enjoyed the kids. I rode on and when I arrived at Saint Anna I spied a bar/grill called Scrubs and I was hungry. They had tacos as the daily special so I pigged out while chatting it up with the locals. The tacos were huge but I polished off three of them anyway. The bar owner, Chad, helped me look for a campground then offered to let me camp in the bar's backyard. Bingo I always say yes to approved free camping. I also had fun with the night bartender, Annette. So until dark I will hang out around the bar eating and drinking water not beer or other booze because it dehydrates me too much the next day when I am riding. Two girls softball teams are due any minute so I need to get this done...

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