Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Exploring Maine

I ended my bike ride in Portland Maine. The East coast is just too expensive for me to ride around. Campgrounds run from $30-60 a night, hotels or motels start at about $100 a night, and food costs are higher as well. Camping guerrilla style along roads etc is also more difficult than out West or in the central part of the country. My low budget for my ride fell to pieces quickly with all this combined. I booked a flight back to California for next Saturday the 31rst. In the meantime I rented a car to drive up to Bar Harbor and ride my bike around there and also up further north in the Moosehead Lake area. The Bar Harbor area was beautiful with perfect conditions of cool sunny weather. There was too much traffic and there were too many people but nothing is perfect. I met and talked with a few other bikers as I explored the island especially through Acadia National Park and the carriage trails within the park. I am adding a lot of pics with little or no explanation of the individual pics but I just do not have the time to do a proper job on them. After Bar Harbor I drove up to Greenville Maine to ride around the Moosehead Lake area. Rain disrupted my plans to ride so I drove around watching moose and looking at all the beautiful scenery. I just wish the leaves ere changing colors. I missed that by about three weeks or so. I still enjoyed it tremendously. I drove back down to Bucksport to relax for a couple of days doing nothing except saving money by not exploring any more. My money is just about gone and I have built up a debt that I have no real way of paying off but it was worth it for the pleasure I derived out of the ride and my touring around Maine. I did eat several tasty lobster rolls both with mayo and with just drawn butter which are the two most popular types. I could eat them everyday in either style. In the next few days I need to box my bike for shipping and ship back a few boxes of my gear so that I can fly with just a single carryon bag. It is going to take me a while to recover and readjust to life not being so much fun and filled with excitement on a daily basis. I hope I survive the transition. PURAVIDA

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