Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ride Day 129

This morning I went for a 17 mile ride to the Big Sable Lighthouse in Ludington State Park. It had rained all night long and my tent was too wet to pack so I spread it out in the sun to dry while I went for a ride with no bags. It is sure a lot easier to ride without the bags on the bike. I zipped along avoiding the puddles from the rain and made it to the lighthouse just after sunrise. After a few pics I rode back and packed up my now dry tent and just headed east not knowing where I was going and not caring where I ended up. The day ended up being 87 miles with a couple thousand feet of climbing with me in a campground in Hersey MI. I had a good tailwind near the end of my day and was tempted to keep going but it would have been stupid with my sore swollen knee to overdo the mileage. I did not intent to even do as much mileage as I did but I was just going easy and the miles piled up before I knew it. There were not many pic ops after the lighthouse so I did not take many. My breakfast stop was fun. It was at a cafe out in the country and it was all locals and we chatted endlessly like we were old friends or something. I enjoyed that. At the campground there were two friendly girls right next to me and then about a half dozen local guys that rented a campsite for the summer so they had a place to hang out camped right next to the girls. The river gurgled and burged in the background and made nice white noise to sleep to. I had a few beers at the local bar/restaurant and enjoyed the company before heading off to watch the stars from my tent which I left the fly off of since no rain was in the forecast. I did see the space station fly over a couple of times and lots of other satellites also. more later

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