Monday, August 5, 2013

Ride Day 132

After a good night staying with old family friends I hit the road early and went about 70 miles from Charlotte to Wixom. The roads were nice and quiet country roads to start but once I got on Grand River Road the traffic increased and the shoulders decreased or disappeared entirely. I did not enjoy the riding later in the day. I had planned on stopping at around 50 miles but I could not find any place to camp or any cheap hotels either so I just kept on riding. In the end it started to rain just as I was passing a rather expensive hotel and I just said screw it and checked in for the night. It included free dinner and breakfast so that makes the rate more reasonable since I eat so much food. I am not the one you want around at an all you can eat affair right now with the way I can pack food in and then be hungry again in a couple hours. I pigged out on the free dinner which was very tasty and after catching up on my internet I plan on going back down and eating again. Tomorrow I will go visit an old friend of my kids in Detroit. I am looking forward to that visit. I took almost no pics today but such is life...

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