Monday, August 12, 2013

Ride Day 136

Today I rode 80 miles from Talbotville to Cayuga ON. The ride was flat to slightly rolling farmland and was not very exciting and had few pic ops. I did stop at a McDonalds to use the wifi for a minute and they had lobster rolls on the menu. Here I am. I mean here I am. Riding my bicycle 12,000 miles for a lobster roll and now before I get there they are selling them at McDs. Kinda makes me feel like I wasted a lot of time. No not really I know that nothing outside of Maine is a real lobster roll so I will wait till I get there. I am only 2 weeks out of Bar Harbor unless I find something to do to kill some time. I wanted to be there for the fall color change and I will be about three weeks early at this rate. I am looking for a way to hole up cheaply so that I can be around for the colors. I can’t afford to hang around at the prices they charge for camping and hotels are out of the question so I would need to find a free or very inexpensive time killer you know like being in jail or something. No jail won’t work for me but maybe a hot lover would work if I could find one. I ended up in a family campground called the Oaks in Cayuga Ontario. I had a good time there talking to Kat who ran the cafĂ© in the camp. She was lively to talk to. Then I talked with a group of boy scouts that were doing a canoe trip to get merit badges. Otherwise I just crashed and burned in my tent. I had planned on watching the meteor shower at midnight but when I woke up to do it I just looked quickly saw a few shooting stars and went back to bed. It just did not excite me watching alone. More later

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