Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ride Day 138

I left the fire station in Shawnee after going over to the donut shop and having coffee while doing some wifi. The volunteer firefighters were all great people to hang out with and I appreciated their hospitality. Today I intended to ride about 40 miles and then camp. However I stopped at a McDs to check my wifi answers and saw the weather forecast on tv which called for rain tonight and tomorrow morning so at the end of the day instead of camping I checked into a fleabag hotel in Rochester Ny. The campground actually wanted to charge me more for a campsite than I paid for the hotel. I am fine in cheap hotels as long as they are quiet and bug free and this one seems to be ok. I might not ride at all tomorrow. I need to make sure I rest a bit before I hit the mountains and my next riding day is my last flat day probably for the rest of my ride. The mountains in New England are not very high but they are very steep grades and go on like a never ending roller coaster. If the leaves were changing color it would be perfect but I am a few weeks early for that. I only took a couple of pics today. One is a farmhouse that looked like it was right out of the deep south. Not all the farmers are poor. Then there are a couple pics of old barns which I like. The barns around here are huge and often times have cross gables and things. My roads again were kinda boring county roads through slightly rolling farmland. I went down to the Erie Canal to ride the bike trail that runs along it but the gravel just did not appeal to me with rain in the forecast so I stayed on my county roads into Rochester. more later

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