Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ride Day 139

Today was my second shortest ride day of the entire ride at only 35 miles. I started near Rochester and rode through some beautiful areas of Rochester and then some really scary areas where I did not pull out my camera cause I did not want to get shot. Several of the hoods I rode through were clearly wearing gang colors, some red some blue but no red in a blue area etc. The neighborhoods looked pretty tough. I made it safely through them and hit the county roads up to the lake and rode along the lake for the second half of the ride. Now the lake houses were all ritzy or at least well to do by comparison to the hoods in town. The wind was blowing hard with herds of sheep on the water otherwise known as whitecaps or wind caused waves. I did not see any small boaters out the weather was so bad. It rained most of the morning and the wind kept blowing after the rain stopped. Now it is going on 6pm and the wind is starting to let up a bit. Tomorrow is predicted to be perfect weather. We shall see about that. I am staying at the sailing club tonight in Pultneyville NY through a hookup made through Warm Showers. I have not been using warm showers much because I like to camp but it looks like I will need it around New England because they charge so much for all the campgrounds and the weather has been wet. I did see more interesting barns though. The foundations and brick or stone work in some of them were fantastic. The mansard roof house in the pic below also had a nice stone foundation and that nice slate mansard roof with the fancy design in it. I spent the afternoon chatting with my hosts and continued chatting over a great dinner also. I will camp in the sailing club yard where there is a shower, bath and full kitchen as well. Then I will leave a bit later than usual tomorrow since I am planning another shorter day. I love all the nice people I meet on this ride.

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