Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ride Day 140

Today I left the sailing club at Pultneyville early to make it the 75 miles to Pulaski Ny where I am staying with a warm showers host. The ride today was perfect weather with a slight tailwind and cool temps most of the day. I enjoyed my stay at the sailing club. It was over the top of the warm shower hosts that I contacted to stay with to arrange for me to stay at the sailing club since they were out of town. They bent over backwards to help me out. I seriously appreciated that and loved the way it all worked out so smoothly. Back to the road today I started right off with the idea from other riders that the hills did not really start until after today. Look at the profile from today's ride and see if you can see any flat road on it. There was none. Up and down all day. The highest elevation gain was only about three hundred feet but there were sure a lot of them. It was a good workout for me as I head into the mountains tomorrow. I went over to the home of my hosts today and they were not home yet but had left me a note that I could take a shower and do laundry so that is what I did while I waited for them to get here. I always enjoy chatting with the warm shower hosts. They have all been great people with hearts of gold and today's were no exception to that. Kit made a great dinner and then she had to run off to play volleyball in a league she is in. I am catching up with my internet and then will hit the sack to rest up for tomorrow. I enjoyed seeing the fancy decorative old hand laid brick and stonework on all the barns and some homes today. Blow up some of the pics from today and look at the details if you want to see what I mean.

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