Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Heading South From San Francisco Today

I am heading South today on my bike. I was going to write a nice long blog about my leaving but I spent the last hour just trying to sign into my google account. They changed their sign in page and no longer offer the sign in to a different account option. It took me an hour to figure out how to sign in using multiple accounts that are not hooked together. I hate updates, all updates. They are never an improvement for me just for the service that is updating. There are no instructions for the changes and no help available for problems. Oh sure they have help pages but they are usually worthless. The only way to get the scoop on all the changes is to search the net for geeks that figured it out and explain it clearly. But screw Google for their inconsiderate deletion of the multiple accounts option just so it makes their tracking of the info easier for them. My plans are to just head South slowly and to enjoy the ride. I have already done this ride, at least to the Mexican border that is, so I will be posting fewer pics this time. If you want to see those pics just use the archives to the right of this text and look up Ride Day 1 through Day 15 or so. When I get to the Mexico border I plan on continuing south down the Baha peninsula to Cabo then taking a ferry to the mainland and going south some more. Where I stop or turn around or whatever happens is up in the air. My goal is entertainment and adventure and if the trip turns sour then I will end it wherever that may be. No plans and no expectations just winging it. Sounds like fun right? There is very poor cell phone service along the coast and few places with internet so I will be out of touch for days at a time but just keep checking and I will catch up with my posting when I am able to. Now I am out of here to hit the road. Next update will be from Santa Cruz I hope.

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